Sunday, December 11, 2011

Land, Territory, and City Pieces

Tonight I crafted more plastic pieces for the civ 5 boardgame.

Each player will mark their territory with territory pieces.

My design for these was driven by the question 'what if someone bumps the table and all the pieces scatter?', and since there will be dozens of these pieces on the board it could be a huge headache. I decided to add groves around each hex on the land pieces. I also thickened the territory pieces so that they can fit in these grooves and still be picked up easily. During the course of a game territory will be conquered and replaced with another player's pieces, which is why I made a point to have part of it poking above the hexes (that is, not perfectly flush with the land pieces) so that it can be easily grabbed.

Each player will also have city pieces. 
I settled on a snowflake shape. To keep track of the city's citizen population, each 'arm' of the snowflake will have a hole to fit a citizen peg in (TODO). The city piece will also have a pole sticking up from the center, which is where the city's HP will be tabulated (TODO).

The land will be composed of several land pieces. I cut a land piece out of the same plastic material I used for the territory rings and the city. First I cut out the large 8-hex tesselation shape.
Second I cut out the land hexes which will sit on top and be colored red, yellow, or green to represent production, gold, and food respectively. I plan to keep the placement of the hexes on the tesselation shape modular, so that players can customize the resource composition of the land pieces.

Here's an example setup of all the pieces. 

Everything is coming along wonderfully. I can't stress enough how awesome this plastic is to work with. Looking ahead though I'll need a faster way to fabricate these pieces. At the current rate it will take a couple months to finish: 25 land pieces, 80 citizen pegs, 120 territory pieces, 30 city pieces, 80 city HP pieces, and the 200+ unit pieces. Boy, a 3D printer sounds great right about now...

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