Sunday, July 22, 2012

New Paint

A Game by a Different Name

I will no longer be referring to my board game project as the "Civ 5 board" game. The obvious reason is that I'm flirting with copyright infringement of an existing intellectual property. Even though my intention was for this board game project was just to have some fun designing a game (I'm not looking to sell this or profit) just to be safe I will be moving forward under a different project title; I haven't though up a new title yet.
My other reason for changing is that over the course of designing the game, my creation has strayed far enough from the initial inspirational content that I am claiming unique IP. After all my alterations are more that just name swapping; I've created new rules, changed overall gameplay elements, and added completely new ideas (see rest of post). 

Building Pieces

Each city piece can hold up to 12 building pieces.

When a new citizen is created a building piece is added to a city piece (player's choice as to which city). When a citizen is lost, a building piece is removed from a city piece (either player's choice or coresponding to a specific city).

I made the building pieces to look like a chunk of skyline, and yet generic enough to be able to represent a city from any era. Finding a way to fit twelve buildings on a single city piece was a bit of a challenge, but I found an arrangement which works. It will however push the limits of the foam board material since it requires I make holes near the edges of the material (which is easy to foul up and rip). Each building piece has a small dowel underneath to affix it to the city piece. The building piece on top has a gap for when cities take HP damage; 'fire' pieces will be placed in the gaps. Once all the building are on fire will it be captured by the enemy. Cities can heal 1 HP (i.e. remove 1 fire) per turn.


I'm adding a new element to the game called detriments. These cards will be part of the deck and can be placed face down on other players. Other the victim's turn they flip over the cards and immediately suffer the ill effects. This add a whole new strategy for end game; all the players will smite the winning player with detriments. I think back to the card game munchkin, it's a riot when players ban together for a few turns to neutralize a common enemy. It will also be a catalyst for wars and early game rivalries :).

Card Previews

Recently I have been researching all of history (i.e. wiki marathons) in the pursuit of amassing neat historical techs, policies, wonders, great people, and detriments. Here's a preview of some so far:

Gunboat Diplomacy [Renaissance]
Receive 3 gold for each naval unit you own.
When signing treaties with lesser nations you demonstrate your navy’s might by blasting cannons and occupying their harbors. Trade deals sway significantly in your favor from the implied threat of your military superiority.

Lingua Franca [Medieval]
For this turn citizens working production territory produce 2 production instead of 1 production.
You’ve developed a “work language” for the purpose of communicating with speaking working class. Multiple groups of foreign workers with no common language can now communicate for the betterment of business.

Hammurabi (1791-1750 BC) Babylonian Empire
Ilkum [Ancient]
As a full round action any military unit can work a piece of territory, as if they were a citizen. A military unit and a citizen cannot work the same piece of land.
During times of war your royal army fights fiercely in battle and during peacetime they act as labor for the state. In exchange for their services, members your royal army are rewarded with land.

Al-Ma'mun (786 - 833) Abbasid Caliphate
Bayt al-Hikma
+1 to science rolls and +1 to culture rolls
The "Storehouse of Wisdom" accumulated, preserved, and translated a great collection of world knowledge. For students it served as a center of learning, for scholars it acted as a research institute, and for all it was a commonplace to share information, ideas, and culture.

Ephemeris [Ancient, any era]
Immediately roll one free tech roll.
Meticulously maintained tables with the positions and times of astronomical objects. Your greatest minds use data gathered over centuries to progress their understanding of the heavens.

An Gorta Mór [Renaissance]
For every 5 citizens you have, lose 1 citizen. No food territory can be worked this turn.
Also known as the Irish Potato Famine, a disease sweeps through and ravages your crops. A large percentage of your population that was solely dependent on those crops. Twenty percent of your population starves to death.

Cannibalism [Ancient]
Lose 1 citizen.Your population embraces the barbaric tradition of killing and eating their fellow man. Under the superstition of gaining power from the deceased, your tribal leaders devour human flesh in elaborate public ceremonies.

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