Saturday, March 2, 2013

Economic Constraints

Economic Estimates

My calculations for the game's economy are based on a these desires values:
  • Each era takes 10 turns
  • Average player ends with population 15
  • Average player builds 2.5 in a game
  • On average, number of event cards used by a player in an era
    • 4 technology cards
    • 4 policy cards
    • 1 detriment card
    • 1 leader card
  • Land type ratios (gold 20%, food 40%, build 40%)
A player will increase their attributes during the game. I want their progress follow these curves.

Player with a lousy economy: y=0.00642702x^2 + 0.013217x + 0.0755207
Player with an average economy: y=0.00627642x^2 + 0.121388x - 0.0191431
Player with a great economy: y=0.00612583x^2 + 0.229559x - 0.113807

With all these constrains in mind, I'll derive the payout values and costs of cards.
More details to come.

Card Sample

Here's an example of a policy card.

I plan on replacing the red border with a patterned mesh of images representing the era. (Something like a wood pattern for ancient, a stone pattern for medieval, brick pattern for renaissance, and steel I beams for modern)

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