Saturday, March 16, 2013

Synchronicity Day -1

Production Schedule

The following are details of the production schedule. If you've linked here from the facebook post, thanks for checking it out. All props and equipment are prepared. Cast and crew only need to bring themselves.

Sun 3/17. Shoot F (noon meeting time)
Mon 3/18 Shoot B (6pm meeting time)
Tues 3/19 shoot C (6pm meeting time)
Wed 3/20 shoot A (6pm meeting time)
Thu 3/21 (none)
Fri 3/22 (none)
Sat 3/23 (none) (could shoot G here instead)
Sun 3/24 shoot G (noon meeting time)
Mon 3/25 shoot D (6pm meeting time)
Tue 3/26 (none)
Wed 3/27 shoot E (6pm meeting time, wrap)
Thu 3/28 (I'm westward bound)

Shooting day details

Shoot day A
Location: johns hopkins campus (empty hallway, outside on quad, and empty lecture hall).
Meet at the lobby of Levering.
Time commitment: 4 hours (actual shooting will only take 2 hours, but since I have not reserved rooms, I've alloced extra time to fart around campus. Getting into buildings is easy)

Shooting day B

Location: 8318 Forrest Street Suite 300, Ellicott City MD (office building)

Time commitment: 5.5 hours (all indoor shooting: conference room, main room, room with couch)

Shooting day C
Location: 787 Oella Ave. Ellicott City MD (barn) (all indoor shooting: main area we leave everything as is)
Time commitment: 6 hours

Shooting day D
Location: 42 old Granary Ct. Catonsville MD (house) (all indoor shooting: basement, kitchen)
Time commitment: 5.5 hours

Shooting day E
Location: 787 Oella Ave. Ellicott City MD (barn) (all indoor shooting)
Time commitment: 6 hours

Shooting day F
Location: outside soccer field at CCBC; meet at 42 old Granary Ct. Catonsville MD (house)
Time commitment: 1 hour (few quick outside daylight shots, bring jackets).

Shooting day G
Location: 787 Oella Ave. Ellicott City MD (barn) (one of the offices as is, few outside daylight shots).
Time commitment: 3 hours

A method to my production schedule madness

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