Sunday, March 17, 2013

Synchronicity Day 1

Just a one hour shoot today (the only outdoor scenes in the film that required day light). Weather was cooperative; overcast actually has its advantages in filming (no shadow continuity to worry about).

We shoot at a treeline near a local community college. There was a little bit of background noise (cars and helicopters) but not enough to ruin any takes or delay us for too long.

No crew today, just myself. I was the cameraman, entirely handheld, it was very natural to find angles on the fly. The actors (my friends without formal film acting experience) were naturals, properly expressive on the first takes and conscious not to look at the camera. I had originally planned to be hands off with the camera and delegate that to others, but now I think it to be much harder to call the shots without viewing through the camera's frame.

A great way to get my feet wet for the week ahead.

sc28; line183: "I'm holding a gun you know"

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