Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Synchronicity Day -2

A Proof of Concept

About 4 months ago I wrote a script, something I've never done before. I've always desired to make movies and after watching the documentary The People vs. George Lucas and online film makers like Brad jones I final dedicated myself to do so.

Recent developments in my personal life have set a sudden deadline to accomplish this movie (I'm relocating soon to another state). There will be 4 days of principle photography. I will be directing the movie, again this is my first time directing.

Title: Synchronicity.
Genre: sci-fi thriller.
Tag line: Rewrite the book on science.
Synopsis: Four grad students peruse cutting edge physics research. Their results go beyond expectation and accidentally discover a whole new chapter in science.

The movie was inspired very heavily from an indy film titled Primer (one of my favorite films).

I will only be filming the first half of the movie; a script of 67 pages, it will end on a cliff hanger in an awkward place but it's the best I could do for the time allotted, and it tells a semi-complete story. There are four main characters. I will be shooting entirely hand held with two cameras (two cameramen). The entire shoot will be a glorified read through, actors will be holding their scripts, no costuming, bare props and set dressing. I be using available lighting and no sound equipment. Two takes per scene.

This whole experiment is a proof of concept to myself. I'm a film making n00b.

I have a shooting schedule prepared. I'll be about 12 pages per day; if I can do 3 pages per hour I'll be on target. Let's see if I can stick to it.

The Machine

The only prop built for the shoot is 'the machine'. What does it do? It re-writes the book on science!

Chamber 1

Chamber 2

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