Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Synchronicity Day 3

The second major day of shooting. We had an actor oversleep and miss the meet time (understandably he had just gotten back from a trip to florida). Though I couldn't delay shooting so I used a fall back actor (the second cameraman) and when the actor later arrived became the second cameraman.

Each actor brings their own flavor to the dialog in ways I could never have predicted; I am constantly pleasantly surprised by performances all around.

 sc 37; line 301 "We'll reimburse for gas."

A lot of props in the shoot, some props I didn't have crafted in advance so everyone helped out in the creative process. For example a scene called for a 'piece of Hubble telescope' so we grabbed pieces of pie tin, wires, and smashed up bits of a motherboard; it actually looked pretty neat. In future shoots I'll need a dedicated prop manager.

sc54; (extracting crystal sample)

The shoot was very frenetic and the first time I felt a bit overwhelmed, but after watching the dailies I was proud of the day's shoot. My cast and crew helped keep me sane, catching parts that were missed in the take. We did a 6 hours shoot in 4 hours, and shot about 80% of what was needed. By the time 10:30pm rolled around everyone was tired so I called it early. Note to self: never plan to keep a cast/crew on set for more that 3 hours in a stretch; it's simply the limit of energy.

The second cameraman shot a from a lot of different angles that I would have never considered (bird's eye view) and they turned out great. Again great creative input from all on set.

sc54; line 431: "T-minus 4,3,2,1"

I underestimated the time it would take to shoot the montage sequences, and there were a lot of montage sequences in the shoot. Note to self: in a day of shooting, shoot the montage sequences last.

montage stock, four keyboard hacks

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