Thursday, March 21, 2013

Synchronicity Day 4

Shoot on a university campus tonight. I allotted a lot of extra time since I didn't secure any locations in advance; but I know the campus well and I knew which building would be open to public. Finding empty classrooms and hallways to shoot was not a problem. Most of the filming took place in one building (which will be tricked into being several separate buildings). Only once was a take ruined by a passersby.

Because of scheduling conflicts one of the actors could not arrive on set until 9pm; all other actors were on set at 6pm. But the show must go on; I shoot all the scenes with the actors performing dialog pretending as if the missing actor was on set and I used camera angles to hide the fact that he wasn't there. I wrapped and dismissed all the other actors at 8:30pm. Then when the missing actor arrived at 9pm I re-shot the other half of the scenes again performing dialog pretending the other actors were on set. With the right editing the audience will never know the actors weren't actually in the same place at the same time (this is a common hollywood trick).

sc26; line 166: "I told you so." 

sc21; line 60: "Where have you been?"

Serendipitously we came across an unlocked unused lab. We took advantage and shot a few lab scenes that would have otherwise been filmed at less convincing locations.

sc26; girls gossip in lab

A scene called for a lecture hall filled with students, but since I didn't have 100 extras handy I simply zoomed in on the front row and used the backs of the actor's heads as 'students'. We used hats and hoodies to hide the fact that they're actually the principal actors :P. Movie magic.

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