Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Synchronicity Day 6

Booze on Set

It goes without saying that a film isn't shot in plot order. Normally when I plan a day's shoot I take a look at all the scenes for a given location and rearrange the shooting order based on props, wardrobe, but most importantly the level of energy needed for the emotions by the actors. I plan to shoot the more emotional scenes first because as the night goes on actors get tired.

"Give it to NASA, they'll use it to put Hubble 2.0 in space"

The day's shoot had a scene with all four characters at a bar. Each had a glass of beer as a prop and I had planned this to be the last scene of the night for obvious reasons. However an actor needed to leave early and it required that the bar scene be shoot first. I allowed the actors to sip their beers during the scene to keep it natural, what I didn't anticipate is that they all started grabbing mouthfuls after every line of dialog. For the sake of continuity between takes we refilled the glasses. By the end of the scene some actors has drank three beers... I now understand dry sets.

"That didn't come up in the simulations"

I had in the script a few explicit times when an actor would take a swig for emphasis but otherwise I had envisioned minimal drinking. After reviewing the dailies the characters come off as rushing to get drunk, :) a bit of directing I didn't anticipate. Nothing that can't be fixed in post and all in all good footage.  Needless to say the actors and I were a bit loose for the remainder of the shoot.

Eating and Talking at the Same Time

In my script there's a long scene of exposition/information; visually boring so I set the scene in a restaurant and the characters would eat as they spoke to add some motion to the scene.

"I'd like to experiment with Schneider particles"

Prop food is cold because it's been sitting there for hours, but that didn't stop the actors from chowing down during the scene. Again I had only scripted a few explicit bites in the scene but the actors felt the need to take a big bite of each line of dialog. This is actually an interesting perspective on the social behavior of people when they eat; it's more natural to eat a lot when food is infront of you (or perhaps the nerves of being on film?). In real life it looked natural to eat so much but on film it looks gorging and weird, again something I didn't catch until reviewing the dailies. Again it'll be fixed in post.

Overall though great footage and great bloopers. Fun all around.

"I heard your project sucked"

"I heard you didn't graduate"

"The solenoids are arranged incorrectly"
(I couldn't stop laughing during these takes; embarrassed Project Partner in the corner was too funny)

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