Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Synchronicity Day 7

It's a Wrap

Final day of filming, and also the longest day of filming. Since we didn't complete all scheduled scenes the last time we filmed at this location, there was extra filming to do. I warned the actors appropriately at the start of the shoot and we managed to finish everything in 4 hours.

"According to string theory..."

In order to finish in time I took fewer takes from fewer angles. Reviewing the footage I was satisfied with all the visuals but not so with the audio. The microphones on the camcorders are fairly 'shotgun' in their pickup; they only pickup audio from the character directly centered in the shot. To save take I did a lot of 2-shots and 3-shots (2 characters in frame, 3 characters in frame). As a result the audio from the edge framed character were a bit soft. Volume adjustment will be important in post, though I've been lucky up until now that audio issues haven't been crippling.

"T-minus 4, 3, 2, 1"

I put my actors through a few costume changes and set changes since today's shoot spanned throughout the script (we utilized some side areas as the opposite end of the lab we shoot on campus). My actors were quick to point out the continuity mismatch issues (like the door to the lab was a different) but given the time limitations it was the best we could work with. My mantra of the night in response to continuity concerns was "we shoot it anyways".

"Woah, just listen!" 

(Angela thinks about the project)

The longer shoot made the actors slap happy and there were some solid bloopers.

Final shot, hugs all around, and clean up. The footage will sit for weeks before it enters editing hell, I can't wait :).

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