Saturday, April 12, 2014

Graphics junk drawer

Junk drawer post: I plugged in an old hard drive today and found some graphics projects.

M-Class planet

I've DMed a few tabletop RPGs. I created this one for a Star Wars d20 campaign. While investigating an assassination attempt of their boss, the players found themselves unraveling a network of conspiracies on this planet and posed as tourists visiting a past-its-prime casino town. The plot involved kidnapping, a network of secret caves manufacturing mind control drugs, and a villain's long awaited revenge.

For better or worse I always DM with maps to orient myself and players with their current position (my campaigns usually involved a lot of travel).

My imagining of planet Abregado-rae
There is some official supplementary material outlining what Abregado-rae, but like most Star Wars planets, I found the geographies uninspired. It's even a well known punchline that all planets in the star wars universe consist of one continuous unending biome. I wanted my players to explore something with a little more variety so I re-imagined this planet with Earth-like geography.

I created this map by manipulating and overlay outlines of real countries, coast lines, and mountain ranges until they combined to form new continents.

Freshman Bandanna

Every year at Hopkins during freshman move in the Resnet (the dorm IT dept.) held an orientation event called SWAT (Student Working <something that started with a> Technology) where we prepared students laptops. Each year anyone working SWAT received a special embroidered polo shirt. One of the years I worked there I designed a bandanna.

Center of the bandanna is a pirate-ized map of JHU campus
Originally only a few dozen were planned to be printed but one of the deans like it enough that they included the bandanna as part of the orientation packet for all incoming freshman. *pats self on back*

Car Chase Map

Another map I made for and RPG campaign. More often than not my players found themselves fleeing from the law. Car chases were a frequent event, which were typically played out/described abstractly with a few dice rolls. I created this map so player could actually route plan there escape from their next heist.

A heist to take place at the Omega Facilities.
Don't think this map ever saw use though. Instead of entering the base via car the players instead infiltrated the base using a spaceship (despite anti-air missiles), blew everything to pieces, and flew away a leisure. Not the first time by group pulled this trick.

This was actually created mostly using Paint.NET. The road layout for this map was mostly based on a screen cap from something from google maps; otherwise the buildings/neighbor hood layout was custom so that players could accomplish all aspects of their mission in one part of town.

Ray Tracer

Graphics was one of my favorite courses in college. During the course we wrote a 3d ray tracer one piece at a time.

This final image show cases all the different elements that were implemented. Different shapes, different refractions/transparencies, different sources of light, etc. Took a few minutes to generate.

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