Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Sprint 1 Retrospective

My inaugural sprint. Though I put in more time than originally anticipated, some items didn't get finished.

Things that went well:
Re-organizing audio timelines
* The initial overhead of re-organizing will definitely speed up future timeline editing stories
* I discovered in premiere that I could label audio tracks; a simple enough feature that spurred me to start grouping audio clips according to their purpose. (Example: "Orig audio, VO character 1, Foley, BGM")
* Before the re-organization most of my sequences had audio crowded within 2 or 3 audio tracks; which could make simple edit laborious (rectifying audio clip clashed on the timeline)
* After the re-organization clip are separated along as many as 12 tracks. Less clashing when playing around clips on the timeline, and it also made it easier to eyeball the timeline and grok track coverage.

Things that didn't go well:
20% roll over
* One task took double time to complete the estimated.
* This was due to scope creep. Original time estimate was otherwise spot on.
* My goal was to only clean edits in the second half of the scene; but after digging into it I realized a strong dependency on pending work from the first half of the scene.

Things to improve on:
* I need to add 30min to account for track re-organization (only for the first audio mixing story in each sequence)
* Do cleaning on the first half of the scene first. It's less likely that the start of the scene will be dependent on pending edits on the second half of the scene.

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