History In The Making: The Board Game

In an effort to quench my thirst for multiplayer Civilization 5 action I began brainstorming ways to create a board game that could mimic the gameplay experience of Civilization 5. My ultimate goal is to create a board game adaption which captures the same fun experience of PC game on a smaller and simplified scale. This page catalogs my progress in the design and creation of History In The Making the board game.

Part 1: Civilization 5: The Quest for a Board Game Adaption
A breif introduction to my quest.

Part 2: The Personality of Civilization 5
I discuss the gameplay features of Civilization 5 that I find give the game its “personality” and why it's so fun to play.

Part 3: Resource Benefit Chart
I diagrammed the relationship between the various resources in Civ 5.

Part 4: Design Overview
First look at my design, and the prototype land pieces. I discuss the alterations from the PC game, my justifications for doing so, and the impact they will have on the gameplay.

Part 5: Game Pieces and More Rules
A look my crafted terrirory and plans for the other pieces. More discussion about rule changes. 

Part 6: Land, Territory, and City Pieces
More fabrication of plastic pieces.

Part 7: Foam pieces and Deck Redesign
I switch to foam pieces and change the rules surrounding tech, policies, buildings, and wonders.

Part 8: New Paint
The project transitions into its own unique game with the addition of detriment cards.

Part 9: History In The Making
The game has a new name, a playmat, and a solid streamlined redesign. It won't be long before completion.